Hearts of Stone

Carpinteria is 'a healing place' I've been told, and mystical land that it is - our beaches are scattered with heart-shaped rocks. Jan K showed and gave me my first heart rock, and since then I've shared the joy of searching for these stones during long, thoughtful walks on the beach in every season.

While Stephen was here I told him of the heart rocks, and soon his eyes were glued to the ground. Tenacious in his search (as in everything) he soon presented me with a lovely smooth heart of stone.

Today I emailed him in Ushuaia, where it is snowing and well into winter.

"I found the most amazing heart rock yesterday," I said. "It is hard, and roughly chiseled by the sea, but most definitely a heart!"

'Send a picture' he said and I did.

"Funny thing about this heart rock," I added, "as roughty- toughty as it appears, i had to prop it up -- it does not want to stand on its own!"

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Kimberly 'Butterfly Wings' said...

Great collection of 'heart stones'! Found your site while searching for other heart rock collectors. Check out my blog, The Heart Rock Collective - www.heartrocks.blogspot.com. I'd going to add your post to my blog list.